How an Air Conditioner Works – The Refrigeration Cycle

How an Air Conditioner Works – The Refrigeration Cycle

Just How an Air Conditioner Works
The above layout depicts a basic air conditioner. Inside an a/c system is a chemical refrigerant which is a substance that quickly changes states from liquid to vapor as well as back once again. In addition to cooling agent, an air conditioning system needs a minimum of 4 elements, the compressor, condenser, metering device, and evaporator.

Part 1: The Compressor
The compressor is the heart of the system. Just like your heart pumps blood via your body at a details circulation price and pressure, the compressor pumps the cooling agent via the air conditioning system at a developed flow rate and stress.


When the refrigerant enters the compressor it is in a vapor state. It enters the compressor since it is literally being drawn into it. That is why the side of the compressor where cooling agent enters is called the suction side or low pressure side. As the name suggests, the compressor compresses the vapor as it is being pumped through it. When a vapor is pressed both the stress as well as temperature level of that vapor boosts. The vapor leaving the compressor is very warm. You will obtain scorched if you were to touch the copper cooling agent lines coming off of the compressor. In the above representation the high pressure vapor cooling agent is represented by red dots.

Part 2: The Condenser
The high temperature cooling agent enters a condenser coil. As the vapor cooling agent takes a trip with the coil, air from a follower overlooks the coil to cool down the vapor refrigerant. As the vapor cools it condenses and also comes to be a fluid, which is referred to as a change of state. This change of state from vapor to fluid is important. You may be rather familiar with a regular house system where the condensing system sits outside. When operating you can place your hand over this device and feel the warm air being burnt out. Heat vapor refrigerant goes into the device as the heat in the vapor is gotten rid of by blowing air across the condenser coil. While this is occurring, the vapor modifications to a fluid. The warmth being blown from the condensing system is the warm that utilized to be in your house. In the above representation the fluid is stood for by strong red.

Part 3: The Metering Gadget
The metering tool regulates the flow of the fluid cooling agent to the following part which is the evaporator. This is a dividing point between the high pressure and also low pressure sides of the system. As this high pressure liquid is going through the metering tool as well as into the evaporator the stress goes down.

Part 4: The Evaporator
After leaving the metering gadget the refrigerant immediately goes into a coil called the evaporator. This coil or evaporator has a fan blowing throughout it. As the cooling agent gets in the coil at a lower pressure it starts to steam as well as change state back to a vapor. During this procedure of transforming state, energy in the kind of warmth is being removed from the air passing over the coil and also is being soaked up by the cooling agent. The warmth that was in the air is moved into the refrigerant. Because warmth was eliminated from the air blowing over the evaporator coil, the air leaving the evaporator coil is cold. Simply put, ac system make cold air by utilizing a refrigerant to soak up the warm airborne.

Now that warmth from your computer system room, office area etc. remains in the refrigerant what do we finish with it? The heated refrigerant vapor is sucked into the compressor and also pumped back to the condenser coil. Right here, in the condenser, the warm that was earlier absorbed by the cooling agent in the evaporator section from the space we are cooling is released as well as removed. The procedure of the refrigerant “altering states” from vapor to fluid (releasing warmth with the condenser) and also from fluid to vapor (soaking up heat in the evaporator) is the central mechanism of air conditioner cooling.

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Know Your Air Conditioner Components

Know Your Air Conditioner Components

To understand your air conditioning system much better, begin with the fundamentals. There are generally 3 huge parts of an air conditioning unit– the evaporator, the condenser and also the compressor. While the initial 2 are positioned outside to the ac system, the evaporator is indoor to the equipment.

Primarily the air conditioner functions on the succeeding home heating and also air conditioning of a super-volatile fluid called Freon. The last very first goes right into the compressor and also is pressed right into gas type, therefore sending out warm and also cooling down the fluid. The eliminated warmth is, after that, fanned out with the assistance of a turning follower.


Besides the 3 over huge parts of an air conditioning unit, the maker likewise has a warm coil, an awesome coil, one outside follower, one indoor follower and also a control circuit in it. The warm coil is positioned outside to resolve the warm out and also the trendy coil positioned inside to take in warmth. The control circuit customizes the temperature level by controling the turning rate of the followers with the aid of a potentiometer.

Of all its elements, the compressor stays the most expensive and also beneficial component of an air conditioner. The air conditioner makers constantly give a guarantee on the compressor. It’s straightforward to acquire a brand name brand-new compressor as well as fit in your old air conditioner.

The evaporator as well as condenser in an air conditioner can be changed as well. The 2 followers are the most basic of air conditioner components that can be quickly changed, exactly due to the fact that they are repaired with screws on the outdoors as well as with cables inside right into the air conditioner circuit board.

The outmost cover of the air conditioning device is the last part in it. Very same holds real for the switches as well as handles in the air conditioner. Currently, if your air conditioner encounters the roadway out, it’s vital to fit a water-carrying pipeline to it.

There are primarily 3 significant components of an air conditioner– the compressor, the condenser as well as the evaporator. Of all its parts, the compressor continues to be the most expensive as well as useful component of an air conditioner. The air conditioner makers constantly offer a service warranty on the compressor. It’s easy to purchase a brand name brand-new compressor and also fit in your old air conditioner. The 2 followers are the most basic of air conditioner components that can be quickly changed, exactly since they are taken care of with screws on the outdoors as well as with cables inside right into the air conditioner circuit board.

Know Your Air Conditioner Components

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