How to Service an Air Conditioner

How to Service an Air Conditioner

How to Service an A/c.

Whether you’re beginning your a/c unit for the first time this year, or a device isn’t running properly and you need to service an a/c, following a few basic steps can save you money and time. While some service work ought to be delegated a specialist, there are a number of do-it-yourself solutions you can do to maintain your a/c unit cooling down all summertime long.

Approach 1.

Clean the Air Conditioning Unit.

  1. Make certain the system is switched off either at the on/off button and also unplugging it or by shutting off the breaker. Servicing the a/c while it’s attached to power might lead to electrocution.
  2. Examine the little copper pipe linking the system to the house. If it feels warm, the device’s coils are probably filthy and also require to be cleaned.
  3. Rake any kind of leaves and also particles away from the unit before you begin to service an ac unit.
  4. Take the cover off the system, and also situate the a/c unit coils (they appear like an automobile radiator).
  5. Utilize a soft brush to comb any kind of dirt and also debris off the outdoors cover.
  6. Cover the motor and wiring with a plastic sheet.
  7. Hose down the fins, coils as well as inside of the device.
  8. Examine your proprietor’s manual. Some ac unit devices need the electric motor be oiled. Do this now while your device is open.
  9. Change the device cover, and also turn it on to make sure it runs properly.
    The ac unit filter must also be changed every few months. It is typically situated near the return duct by the heater.

Approach 2.

Check Ac Unit Function.

  1. Begin at the device control or thermostat. Turn the system on and also see to it starts and also runs properly.
    If the system doesn’t run, call a technician.
  2. Pay attention for any odd noises while the unit runs. If you hear any kind of squealing or knocking the device’s electric motor as well as belts may require lubricating or replacing. [4] It’s ideal to call a licensed professional to do these tasks.
  3. Check the room temperature in each of the home’s areas by lugging a hand held thermostat into the room. Leave the thermometer in the room for a few mins to provide it time to readjust and also make sure all the areas are equal in temperature.
  4. See to it the temperature level of the spaces agrees with the thermostat on your ac system as well. If they are not the very same, a service technician can assist you diagnose as well as correct the trouble.
  5. Try to find water dripping or merging anywhere by the air return or unit outdoors.

Method 3.

Deal With Pooling Water Issues.

  1. Check for leakages in the tubing where the water is merging. If there are any type of fractures, holes or leakages the tube should be changed.
  2. Find the drain where the water condensation need to be draining pipes right into. There should be a floor drain near the condensation pipe found by the furnace/air conditioner main device.
  3. Clean the drain of any debris if the water appears to be merging in addition to it.
  4. Pour water into the condensation drainpipe pan as well as watch for the condensation pump to begin working. The pump needs to activate as well as pump the water out and also to the drainpipe.
    If the pump does not remove the water, the drainpipe pan is probably overfilling and also the pump will need to be replaced by a technician.

How to Service an Air Conditioner